Experimentation is a huge component to all creative work. It’s the ace every artist has hidden up their sleeve. But it’s the horse’s head some businesses fear is stashed beneath their sheets.

So my advice is relax…and prepare yourself for more pleasant surprises.

I head out with my camera snapping deformed street signs, faded candy wrappers, people in their daily migrations, the night, whatever I’m noticing. This is the recon that helps me see what’s there - shapes, patterns, color combinations, movement.

This is also the background hum of my thinking that’s led to book features, magazine awards, and contest wins where I end up behind podiums giving a speech.

In short, I know what I’m doing. Partly because I can ignore the discomfort of not knowing exactly what I’m going to do.

I too must be open to pleasant surprises.

The design industry itself has polished this attitude - I’ve had to transition over the years from graphic designer to animator to programmer to art director to brand designer…

The market makes its demands, and I’ve made my moves.

Which is fine.

You have to be kinetic to adjust in your field.
You have to be hungry to engage in the chase.
You have to be alert to sense where there’s more to be done.

Logos, brand books, print projects, campaign design, web design, projects outside of industry norms, all complete with color, type, tone, etc. - the core messaging of a company is what guides us to those winning discoveries of what their design and look should be.

And a winning discovery is, of course, the result of an ambitious, audacious journey… which is the ultimate reminder that nothing is ever learned or gained or remembered when you sit still and do nothing.



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W Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, GE, Arista Records, John Mayer, Boston University, Harvard University, Michelin, NY State DOT, Radio Disney, Sempra Energy, Abbott Respiratory, CSL Behring, Gilead Sciences, Horizon Pharmaceuticals, Boeri USA, Nordica USA, Finishline, Skidmore College, Saratoga Water, Mophie, Quirky, Union Bank of California, State of Arizona, Glens Falls Hospital, Mt Sinai Hospital, AYCO